Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I'm Back

I'm goneeeeee for a very long time but now I'm back. I have so many things to share with you in this blog but I don't know how to begin and where to start. Let's start with my personal 'love story'

Well, since I've turned to single without having any relationship with other guys out there, most of guys out there could be bothersome to me. Hmmm~ Still my ex Mr.Dexter asking for my returns, what should I do then? He's just my past that sometimes annoyed me and makes me angry with people around me without any reason -___- but thanks to my friend Carolyne who always be next to me when she is needed coz she is the only person who understand me enough.

Next is I met this guy during JPJ Test on 6th March 2013. He has a good looking that probably makes we(girl) fall in love/flirt with him. I keep thinking about him, before gone to bed yet woke up in the morning his name still the first thing that popped-up in my head. He always calling me whenever he got his free time after work. Listening to his voice was my favorite part. We met during our free time and chat like we already being a couple but we're not. He's so attractive and adorable, he know how to make other people laugh and I was enamored by his beauty! *melting*

Other than that, I started to believe the existence of love through my sister's friends. He's a kind person who always care for me. Yes we became a couple but it's already over. I choose to leave whereas he's still waiting for me to come back. I told him that I wasn't that good person and try to get rid of him. He is too good to me so I'm barely to make a move :'( He is that Mr. Right that I was waiting for so long but he came at the wrong time.

Recently, I go out for a date with someone who only take someone for granted. FYI he is my friend's(Jane) scandal. They both just dating for fun and always fight for nothing. Well, Mel already knew that Jane had a boyfriend but still he wanted to be one of her part. One day I got a call from unknown number, at first I wasn't pick up the phone because my phone is still inside my bag. He keep on trying to reach out for me and at last we had a few talks before he confess something that was totally stupid. He likes me! -__- now he want to find a way to tackle me and throw the other girl to the other side. HAHAHA! He is a stupid guy I ever met in my life. Ready to take a risk though it might hurt himself!

Hmmm. Everything happened for a reason, we only need to find a way to know why it is happened. *yawn*
Goodnight blogie!

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