Thursday, 27 December 2012


Again... Few drop of my tears. What can I say if I trully love him and cannot get over him. God please show me Your mercy! All I want is to forget everything about us. I just want to rip away all those pain that still bothering me for a very long time. It's been a month that I show my pain with all those fake smile. WHY??? I almost 'kill' myself with those perfect fake smile. No one knows hows it's going. Some says that I'm just a perfect liar with sweet talks. Now I wonder some of the guys out there still hoping to be the best for me and I'm so sorry, my pain taught me to be more careful and do not give them your heart as easy as you did before. I might break your heart but for sure I never meant to, it's for good so you don't get hurt by me in the future. I wrote this because I suddenly saw my crystal clear when I saw old pictures of Dexter and me.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Last Day of Examination

I don't know what to say :) yesterday was our last examination day and on that day I went talked to my friends.. I mean my classmates. Ohhh how I missed them all these times. And sure I would like to thank God cause He hear my prayers to be with them again, gather and laughing in any way especially with my bestie Serpientie. I missed her so damn much! I carry myself out from school with little happiness tears *I wonder how could it be maybe with too much excited feelings*
     On 11 am suddenly I got message from Serpientie. She asked me to join them window shopping and movie'ing watching twilight. But I sat next to Fennylia while we go for movie ^_^ after we finished our movie we go to kbox *karaoke'ing* hahaha.. Well, Serp still holding me like the last time she holds me a month ago.. She still give me her most beautiful smile when I first met her in the car yesterday. She talks to me like nothing goes wrong between us. And most important thing is I really wanna say Thank You God because You heard my prayers! Here is some picture of us yesterday.. I'm so excited and I don't know what to say/add in this box :) but may you enjoy the pictures..

#awhhh forgot! picture maybe added on tis evening! wait for it

Lots Of Love ~Ana~