Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Life Just Began

As we know, each of us someday will find someone who trully can accept us for who we are. No matter how hard your situation someone is willing to give their hands to pick you up. They will lend us their shoulder to cry, time to spend with, and laugh to cheer us up ;) Some people might not understand why they meet some people in their life. Well, life is like a circle on how we treat them we get it back in the same way though!

     So, here is my story. I met so many people in my life. Whether they are my real friends or just came to make a mess like a bitch. My friends likely come and go every time they want and some of them just took me for granted. I might not rich with gold and money but I can help people in my own way to solve their problem. I will give them my own opinion on how we should solve the problem in a better way. I love being nice to everyone but why everyone likes to make me feel low and down? I just don't understand that.