Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Within These Few Days

Yeahhh.. That's it, within these few days we're seems so happy :) what a wonderful day.. But something I didn't realize so much more.. *Bie* what is this??. :'/  actually bulat, can I just call you u B? errmmm, nevermind if u don't agree :') Whenever you call me sayang I am confuse whether to use word Bulat or Kamu OR B  >.<'' so far I haven't got a clue from you for letting me to call u Bie.. Yes, I love you because I LOVE YOU got it? I just want u to know one little thing : I want u to be a part of my life someday.. I want to love you and you love me too.. I want to have u from now and for always and for sure I want to be your special someone :/ can I?? could u please do me a favor? Please don't hurt me anymore, just stop my tears.. Will you?

p/s I Love U for better for worst

Monday, 19 March 2012

New Relationship ~H.A.V.E F.A.I.T.H~

Wahhhh... Thanks be to God sebab segalanya berjalan dengan lancar :) At last we deal to start something new with our relationship.. I love him and I hate when we're argue with each other everyday -.-' jerrrkkkk.. Hahaha.. Anyway, I love u for everything no matter how hurt it is :D because it was the way and the best way to love U... Like u said yesterday,we need sincerity, love, faith and hope in our relationship because without these important things we couldn't work it out.. I trusted you to lead me into the right way to create our new journey and to make sure that the past relationship wouldn't be repeat by us :) because we learnt from past and not to forget what past did to us. Just to remind us it shouldn't be repeated.. I love you with sincerity, miss u with faith and want you with hope.. Ingat syg for what you've been saying last night ''there's no other except you and don't be scarebecause I will always love you''

p/s I love you more Blaise Lawai Gau :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bulat ??

Damn.. I'm tired of waiting for you.. Where have you been? Haven't reply my texts.. I hate you for being so selfish!! >.<'' don't you ever think of me or just being so selfishly?? Darn it!!! I always try to be the best for us, for our relationship but this what I get from you????? Your RUDENESS! I hate to be the person that I couldn't be =,='' and I'm not a clown +.+ that u can fooled me SESUKA HATI YOU :'( I'm human, Your girlfriend bhaaaa.. I love you as well but You just give me this BULLSHIT since our last meeting.. Kalau suka cakap la suka, jangan buat orang tunggu2.. Saya letih tau tak??

Thursday, 15 March 2012

McDonald Time!!! ^___^

Yeeeehhhaaa!!! At last my sista take me to McDonald n my the first menu is DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER...hahahahahahahaaaa...  and I'm Lovin It  =9

Damn Gorgeous with Big Mac n Double Cheese Burger
hahahahaaaa...*evil laugh

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Happy Birthday Momma

We loves you mom!!!

Momma n Bboy
Momma n Dadda  \^___^/
Thanks mom for everything you've done.. Happy birthday and may God blessed you.. We loves you momma

Friday, 9 March 2012

Dusssshhh ~Forgot Him Already~

Haiyaaaaa... How come oooo?? I forgot to say 'happyholiday' to someone??? Adeehhhh.. Dahla tunggu masa dia masuk kelas,, then he keep his eyes on me all the time :)  comel apa.. Dussshhhh!!! 1 minggu tak jumpa nanti.. I've heard about your vacation bha,to Phuket Thailand. With your girl.. Hope you can take care of yourself there :| gonna miss you.. See you after school holiday

p/s ThankYou for the bestest day :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day Without You

Yahhhh... Boring saya takda kamu :'( bulaaaaattttt... Really missed you bhaaa.. Please be at home after holiday bha.. Nak jumpa kamu >.<'' .. This is the most jerk day without you,, Bulat,,wish you were here to be by my side and hold mi tight in your arms like our first Christmas Eve meeting :') we're stayed out because you're too jealous with me and my friends.. You rather to stay all night with me.. Let me sleep in your arms and enjoy some peaceful night :)  Thanks bulat bha.. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH.. Thanks for be a part of my life.. Tunggu kita jumpa la kita pelok dia kuat-kuat.. My love to you wouldn't change though bulat makin hitam sebab kerja berat under sunlight :D ILOVEYOUMORE bha :D