Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We Meet Again

Only God knows how's I feel :D Actually I quit my job as gym operator in the end of January 2013. As a gym operator I met so many people with different body shape and look.. So, here is the thing. I met this guy who claimed himself as Elvira Chua. Every time I asked him to write down his name, he will use Elvira Chua *it's a girl name*  That guy is kinda cute, baby face and seriously handsome. So I put him on my crush list :)
    On 11th May 2013, I decided to continue my part time job as waitress at ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri and what surprising me most is I met my crush. Damn! HAHAHA! He keep staring at me. I was busy with clearing the plate on the tables suddenly he came to me talk to me.. In my heart I was like *I don't know how to explain* damn he's so cute >_<' but something ain't right when Boboy tell him that I admired him. I just can't say a thing and feel ashamed with myself!
     So the next day I thought he's not coming but I saw him standing in front of the front office and he keep staring at me with his most cute smile! I'm melting~ His eyes following my movement.. Audrey told me that his eyes keep starring at me!!! :3 Damn! FYI dear crush, I still kept your towel.

p/s Just my crush..hahaha

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Shape

I hope this is me :O this is awesome and cool!! Well, I just started my diet few days ago. Some say I can be more beautiful if I had this kind of body. Perhaps I could do it well and show to the world nothing is impossible :D HAHAHA I still remember what my ex told me about my shape and that awkward moment was taught me to be more sensitive about my shape and diet.. Just discipline they said. Just wish me luck yahh!! Hehehe

#and also I want my boobs shaping well afterward. Just have some more patience in me and be more confident though..

New Looks

At last! I can design this blog into her new looks :D well, I had nothing much to say actually but today on 1st May 2013 my blog officially was updated by me.. Fuuhhhh, I thought I wouldn't had any idea to make it more beautiful.. HAHAHAHA..
p/s to be continued and more post to come :) just wait!