Friday, 8 June 2012

Broken Hearted

Ermmm.. 4 days its not a short time for me, he's changed.. He's no longer someone that I've knew as my man-friend after all this time.. I thought all is well but I'm so wrong :'( I MISS HIM!! Why don't he understand me? I just nee his attention but I know I can't have it.. Not anymore. He never care for me, never talk to me about something fun, never try to understand me like he did before.. He said ' ingat b syg nya k..gado2 biasa tu, marah2 biasa tu. but the fact is, i love you syg, you just study hard, jgn curang, jujur and please love me back. hehe cute awak. ntah bila gk kita dpt plok ny rapat2 n whisper kat telinganya 'i loveu!' miss u syg. jaga diri utk b k.. ingat yg org ctok syg kt nya' :'( I miss u more than u miss me.. sy syg kmu,,please..