Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We Meet Again

Only God knows how's I feel :D Actually I quit my job as gym operator in the end of January 2013. As a gym operator I met so many people with different body shape and look.. So, here is the thing. I met this guy who claimed himself as Elvira Chua. Every time I asked him to write down his name, he will use Elvira Chua *it's a girl name*  That guy is kinda cute, baby face and seriously handsome. So I put him on my crush list :)
    On 11th May 2013, I decided to continue my part time job as waitress at ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri and what surprising me most is I met my crush. Damn! HAHAHA! He keep staring at me. I was busy with clearing the plate on the tables suddenly he came to me talk to me.. In my heart I was like *I don't know how to explain* damn he's so cute >_<' but something ain't right when Boboy tell him that I admired him. I just can't say a thing and feel ashamed with myself!
     So the next day I thought he's not coming but I saw him standing in front of the front office and he keep staring at me with his most cute smile! I'm melting~ His eyes following my movement.. Audrey told me that his eyes keep starring at me!!! :3 Damn! FYI dear crush, I still kept your towel.

p/s Just my crush..hahaha

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